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Intro to Growth Driven Inbound Marketing

Trust proven systems, not stand alone services

We’re a gold partner on the verge of platinum with Hubspot. And as one of the fastest growing Hubspot agencies, we’ve mastered the unique and strategic process that is inbound marketing.

Unlike traditional outbound methodologies that push a message out to a wide audience, inbound is a more intuitive and cost effective way to meet your potential clients in the places where they’re already looking for you.

Inbound Marketing in a Nutshell

This strategy uses your website as a hub to generate cold leads, warm them up through a nurturing process, convert those leads into customers, and then encourage those customers to become brand ambassadors for your business. This all happens through multiple stages of what we call the Unique Inbound Marketing Process.

Get More Leads

Well, that’s the whole point isn’t it? This unique process is how we turn your website into what it should be – a lead generating machine, and essentially, your best sales person. With quality content, optimized for search and geared around your buyers’ journey, you’ll see significant increase in quality leads coming in.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Leads are great, but you know what’s better? Customers! Our inbound system helps you master the science of conversion with a process that’s been proven by an MIT report to be able to increase sales revenue by 67% within 7 months.

Build Brand Ambassadors

And believe it or not, it actually doesn’t stop with leads and customers. We also want to help you turn your customers into brand ambassadors, who will become a powerful referral marketing force for you. That’s where this strategic system comes full circle and proves that it’s an investment absolutely worth making!


Set Objectives

Don’t take a shot in the dark, there is a sustainable strategy for growth

Marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game. We can help you build a strategy based on actual data, but first and foremost, you have to know what you’re aiming for.

This Involves:

  • Understanding who your target audience is and what messaging appeals to them
  • Researching how your customers have traditionally interacted with your content
  • Assessing current user experience to find out where/why visitors are abandoning your site
  • Identifying target markets and strategic brand penetration
  • Setting goals and establishing a system for tracking KPIs
Buyer Persona Development

Reaching your target market requires familiarity with your ideal buyers. And isn’t that the million dollar question… Who is your ideal buyer? Believe it or not, many companies can’t answer that, yet it’s where all of your marketing begins. Completing buyer persona exercises require some heavy lifting, but it’s well worth the time because that information serves as a basis for every step thereafter.

Usability/Conversion Analysis

This step involves the science of understanding how people interact with your site and what you can do to improve their experience and boost conversion.

Industry-based Branding

Branding is more than just a logo. We help you establish distinct messaging, photography, color schemes, tone and style so that you can achieve maximum market penetration for all of your products or services.

Established KPIs

This is where we answer the question: what does it takes to actually close a new customer? We look at what web pages are converting and then optimize your campaign based on real-time data.


Strategize Content

Reach the right client, with the right message, at the right time

Useful content is the best way to market naturally to prospective customers that are already interested in what you have to offer. The goal of all content marketing: push the lead down the sales funnel so they can make an informed decision.

Here’s How to Do It:

  • Embrace the buyer’s journey
  • Create content that tells a story and adds value
  • Establish thought leadership within your industry
  • Lead a potential client to exchange their contact info for what they consider to be need-to-know information
Keyword Research

We start with a baseline report to determine which keywords you’re already ranking for, find out how your competitors are doing, and establish realistic goals for your SEO campaign. We’ll help you build trust rank while we work to increase your visibility on the major search engines. We build a strong foundation for you by effectively targeting “VOD keywords.” Read more about our SEO strategy.

Publishing Schedule

Whether it be blogs, videos, offers, or other forms of content, we organize every piece into a publishing calendar to ensure that it’s all strategically aligned with both keyword research and the buyer’s journey. This prior planning allows us to then focus on readability and the user experience while communicating with your tone and style.

Video Strategy

It’s the fuel for social media, it’s the best format for bite-sized, compelling information, and it’s the most highly converting form of content online right now. Video is a key piece to any marketing automation campaign and in a world of information overload, it’s meeting the need for quick, easy, digestible content at the click of a button.

Content Promotion

According to Chad Pollitt, we’ll see a 500% increase in web content by 2020. So, in order to be noticed in today’s competitive online space, you have to do more than just publish a bunch of content – even if it’s good content (neither quantity nor quality is enough any more). You have to actively promote that content through guest blogging, influencer advocacy, social media syndication, and link building.


Drive Traffic

What good is your website if no one can find it?

If you have a really pretty (and probably also really expensive) website, but no one can find it, does it even matter that is exists? The answer, of course is no. Without an audience, your site is useless.

If you’re website is not actively drawing traffic and efficiently converting leads for you, then it’s not doing its job.

It’s time to go meet your potential customers in the places where they are already searching for you. We help you use strategies such as:

  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital PR

Here’s the honest truth: the SEO industry has sold clients a bill of goods. There’s often a lot of money spent – often on just a few big keywords and temporary results that don’t last. We help you cut through the BS to rank for sustainable keywords using on-page SEO cleanup, a back-linking campaign, local SEO and video SEO.


If you’re looking for speed of exposure on the major search engines, pay-per-click is a great supplement to any SEO strategy. It’s your chance to increase visits while ranking for more competitive keywords. We set up Google Adwords for you, manage your PPC budget, create display and retargeting ads, develop high converting landing pages for your ads, and attach a quality score to each lead from your PPC campaign so you can tell what’s really working.

Social Media Advertising

Your target audience is out there looking for information. And they’re doing it on the major social platforms. So, guess what?…It’s time to market there. We’ll help you determine which platforms are the right spaces for your business to invest in. And we’ll implement a variety of ad campaigns to maximize your time and budget.

Digital PR

Your potential clients are consuming digital info at a fast rate and your company could be just a click away from getting their attention. But you have to master the art of spoon feeding them the most critical content. We like to do this through asset page development. Think of these pages as video highlight reels that help to quickly answer the most common objections from your top buyer personas.


Nurture Leads

Your buyers are on a journey. Meet them where they are.

Only 2% of companies are optimizing the power of lead nurturing, but it is the best way to get valuable data into the hands of your sales team. In fact, according to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.

Lead Nurturing Involves:

  • Utilizing cookies to track user engagement
  • Drip marketing content to push leads down the funnel
  • Tracking your critical KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Assigning proper lead scoring
Inbound Software Setup

A good inbound marketing platform (we love Hubspot, but we’ll set you up with whatever you prefer) should be able to display a customized dashboard to give you at-a-glance analytics on every aspect of your marketing. It should segment your leads by buyer persona, establish appropriate workflow automation, execute drip marketing with assigned triggers, score all leads based on a rubric, and track your optimal conversion path and attribution pages.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is about harnessing the power of email to nurture leads. First, we segment your list into different buyer persona categories. Then, we determine appropriate monthly content and offer promotions for each segment of your list. Lastly, we setup and customize your workflows and triggers so that the right emails are kicked out to the right leads…automatically!

Target Page Development

This piece of interactive technology is built into your marketing automation to help move warm leads down the funnel. As we look at your KPIs, we can begin to meet leads at critical stages of their journey and optimize the process through the use of strategically placed video.

Lead Scoring System

The goal here is to track a visitor’s engagement with your site, but do so in a way that realistically measures the strength of the lead. By assigning scores to certain pages of your site or to specific activities (example: downloading an eBook or white paper), we can produce vital intelligence to speed up your sales cycle. Basically, we place valuable data right into the hands of your sales team so they know exactly who to call!


Analyze the Data

Those who aim for nothing should expect to hit their target every time

We believe that good marketing is results-based, which means it must also be measurable. So, this step is all about looking back to find out if, when, and how you actually achieved those goals set in step #1.

Analyzing your marketing metrics regularly allows you to keep your marketing affordable and efficient and it gives you unique, valuable insight into your leads. Remember…

Most companies look at visitors only.
Good companies regularly look at visitors and leads.
Great companies know every detail that is impacting their campaign.

Without this step, growth driven marketing would just be a neat term. Instead, it’s the real result of disciplined testing, tweaking and optimizing. And like the flywheel, the process gains momentum and perfects itself as it repeats.

Monthly Reports

Comprehensive, monthly reports provide analytics at a glance. Because we believe you shouldn’t have to guess about what you’re paying for, we let the numbers speak for themselves. Reporting allows you to validate your strategy and make necessary adjustments along the way. We know that marketing can never be a one-sizes-fits-all product, and that’s exactly why we run reports – so we can customize a campaign that works for you!

Usability/Conversion Analysis

Scroll mapping, heat mapping, click data and mouse recording help us understand how your users are engaging with your site. Now, in the final step, we run these tests again and compare the new results to existing baseline reports. This information helps us to re-calibrate objectives and create new strategies based on data!

Campaign Improvement

We promise that you never have to play the guessing game again when it comes to improving your marketing. We make changes based on real analytics, so whether it’s an adjustment to the keyword strategy, a design change, or adding more video, we’re prepared to make your campaign successful! In fact, we’ll make frequent recommendations and revisions based on data we gain through A/B testing and multivariate testing along the way.

We walk you through each step of our GDIM process

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